T2M Advanced Level – Backstagebereich

!!LONG LOADING TIMES ON MOBILE DEVICES - we strongly recommend to open the Basic Level on your computer!!

Welcome to the Toys2Masters Advanced Level Backstage Area! With your backstage code you can unlimitedly access any available concert video of all T2M21 acts. This code doesn't allow you to vote for your favorites. If you want to vote for an act you have buy an access code for the specific festival day (Festivaltag) the act is listed in. You can buy that code from the act you want to vote for or from one of the other acts that are listed in that specific day.

Attention! Don't lose your code. After closing and reopening the browser you will have to enter it again.
Please don't share your code. Doing so would harm the acts and the team.

Mit Colored Lights, Noctune, Bright, River Stole Gods und InSchwarz

Mit Band 1, Band 2, Band 3, Band 4, Band 5, Band 6 und Band 7

Mit Joker’s Kingdom, Eskaipe, Weathervane, Molle 47 und Die Feuchten Backwaren

Mit Famous You, Fish In The Elevator, Mags, Tom & Debby und Small Strides

Mit The Moshrooms, Bring Your Own Beer, On Atlas‘ Shoulders, Julie and Me und Mel

Mit Jisrael, Juliella, Grizzel & DJ Kanisterkopf, Juicy May und ElVeto

Mit Emilia Zeppelin, EASY, Lisa Tümen, OneTwo, Nicolas Weber und Gale Weathers

Mit freundlichem Dank an unsere Partner