• 10. Mai – JuZe Hürth: [Flyer]
    Addictive, Die Kaliskalyptischen Fighter, Ivy Bled, Pipertune, The Busquets, The Ever-Changing Names, The Herbs
  • 14. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    End Of An Era, Gamble On Hiob, Perry Air, SoloTrio, Tales Of Aunt And Uncles, The Junglebuds, The Pitch Pipes
  • 15. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    Heroes Of Daily Grind, Neverending Confusion, Resoval, Shapeshifter, Smokey Henry, The Consouls, The Sound Unit
  • 17. Mai – JuZe Hürth: [Flyer]
    Break My Smile, Carcase, Die Heiopeis, The Daydreamers, The German Potatoes, The Socks, Thekenpoet
  • 19. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    Any Colour You Like, Ecto, Ein Eimer Voll Helden, Mindslave, Notty, Perception, Tilman Ringer
  • 20. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    Acid, Danu, Mirrorplain, Niemandsfeld, The Flux, Those Three Miles
  • 21. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    Aaron Dulfer, Aid Kit, Autumn Colours, The Buggs, The Pigeons, The Riot Jams, Too Fifteen
  • 22. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    All My Pride, Bad Awake, Die Pi-Elke, Frozen Valley, Mankind’s Dead, Memoria, Samuel Breuer
  • 24. Mai – Juz Live Club: [Flyer]
    AntiHeld, Brathering, Caught In A Nightmare, Dying Devotion, Kantholz, Paradreamed, Tribute
  • 26. Mai – Klangstation: [Flyer]
    Balls For Betty, Drunken Banana, Juri Rother, Kippi 200, Mike & Bas, Purification, The Breed Within
  • 28. Mai – Musikbunker Aachen: [Flyer]
    briansrabbit, Echocrash, Lost And Found, Press The Trigger, Skip To Friday, Trapped In A Dream, What I Want
  • 30. Mai – Musikbunker Aachen: [Flyer]
    Banana Weed, Fallen Flames, Gravity, In Dying Times, NeverKnow, Save The Suffering, Scratch
  • 31. Mai – Musikbunker Aachen: [Flyer]
    ['Devn], Ape Shack!, Away From Reality, Counting The Seconds, Revelation, The Dirty Minds, The Glory Falls
  • 13. Juni – JuZe Hürth: [Flyer]
    Directors Cut, Elephants, Like Heroes, Marauder, Silence Goodbye, The Fat Cat, The Wet Carpet
  • 14. Juni – JuZe Hürth: [Flyer]
    BeatBuggs, Dickes Gebäude, Final Expression, No Real Convention, Oslo, Rushbound, The Subs



Beginn: 18.30 Uhr, Einlass: 18.00 Uhr

Vorverkauf: 3,- € , Abendkasse: 5,- €

Klangstation (Moltkestraße 43, 53173 Bonn)

JuZe Hürth (Bonnstraße 105, 50354 Hürth)

Musikbunker Aachen (Goffartstraße 26, 52066 Aachen)

JuZ Live Club (Stadionstraße 88, 56626 Andernach)

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